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Advice on Buying Artwork

I love Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper!  This week is Q&A with Phoebe: Incorporating Artwork. Enjoy!

A Few Pictures from Kansas City

Here are the few photos I took with my Blackberry.  I know I’m not the best photographer.

16 Places to Visit in Kansas City

I had an adventurous long weekend with my friend Liz in Kansas City recently. As we arrived in Kansas City we went to Traditions ( Lovely store with Stickle furniture and unique accessories all set in an old stone building.  … Continue reading

#1 Tip for Moving Aging Parents

#1 Tip for Moving Aging Parents The time as come to discuss your concerns about safety and health with your aging parents.  They have happily lived in their home of 40 plus years.  You have a plan and are determined … Continue reading

Surviving the Holidays

Tips for Surviving the Holidays I wanted to share a few tips that I have learned over the years to help me get through Thanksgiving and Christmas as a peaceful and sane woman. Accept where you are at. Let’s face … Continue reading

Adding a Bedroom

Sneak peak into the next project. Can this unsightly store room be transformed into a man cave with style for a 19 year old? To add to the challenge the budget is very low! Continue reading