A Note from Designing Moves LLC President Christine Smart

The Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary defines transition as “the process of changing, or a change from one form or condition to another” or “a transition is also a link between ideas or sections in a work of literature or music.” And I love this part of the definition of transitional – “We’re in a transitional period right now, and no one knows what to expect.” That seems to sum up everything going on in our world right now!

As I started my business and worked with it and against it for the last 8 years I have learned much about transition, and I have seen our clients transition on good terms and bad terms. The clients who do the best seem to come to terms with the change before them, letting go of the “way things were” and embracing the future with new terms.

In an effort to embrace the needs of my clients today I am making a transition with Designing Moves LLC. Designing Moves LLC will be focusing on “Designing Graceful Transitions” as I meet a growing demand for Interior Design Consulting and Aging in Place – working with “baby boomers” who want to downsize and organize in their current homes to live there as long as possible. Many of these “boomers” are needing guidance with liquidating their parent’s estates and needing to navigate what to work into their own homes or sell or donate.

Thus, Designing Moves LLC will no longer be packing up treasures to move to a new address. I will be focusing on design consulting for remodel jobs, preparing your home to sell, helping find the perfect paint color and the right flooring for your needs, assisting you with dispersing stuff you no longer need and creating a haven to come home to. I will continue to be the neutral third party to keep your projects moving in the right direction and I will offer trusted resources for dispersal, repairs, and product suggestions.

Designing Moves LLC – Designing Graceful Transitions for the changing seasons of life.

Christine Smart
Designing Moves LLC
Copyright 2017

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