We love our clients!

Our clients are so good to us and we love working with them! Here is a testimony we recently received from a client:

We hired Christine Smart with Designing Moves, LLC to help us downsize from our large family home to a smaller “empty nest” home. She came to our family home and measured all of our furniture and pictures. She then came to our new home and measured the rooms. Using the measurements, Christine was able to draw up detailed floor plans for the new house using our actual furniture and show options for placement. Once we decided on the placement, she finalized our plans and printed them for us. She shared many helpful tips such as marking the boxes with the room that it goes to and contents as well as taping up the floor plans in each room so the movers knew where to position the furniture as they brought it in. This saved us several hundreds of dollars in moving costs because the movers didn’t have to re-position any of our belongings, which saved time. This process also allowed us to know which pieces of furniture we were taking and which pieces we needed to give away or sell. We had plenty of time before our move to liquidate all our belongings that would not fit. This saved us even more money as we did not move any unwanted/unneeded things. We found her services to invaluable and would highly recommend them to anyone planning a move. Christine is a true professional and a joy to work with.

Christine has such a great eye for color. She helped us pick out our siding, shutter and door colors. It’s great working with a professional who has a background in interior design.

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