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Christine understands that downsizing and clearing away the clutter can be an emotionally difficult time for clients and she takes great care to make sure her clients are treated in a personal and compassionate way. Whether she is overseeing your loved ones’ estate dispersal, consulting with you on how to make your home a place you want to come home to or helping you navigate the process of aging in place, Christine will help insure the transition goes smoothly.


Christine will help you…

Develop a plan depending on your project – By deciding which area of the home to tackle first, defining your style and deciding what to do with things that no longer fit your lifestyle we can work together to make your home a place that functions for you.

Design consultations for new homes and updating your current home – Christine will develop a floor plan with you for your new home so you know exactly how your furniture and belongings will fit into your new space.  Or, if you are staying in place, we will work with you to make sure the floor plan works for you.  Our interior design expertise will ensure it looks and functions at its best. Christine can also assist you in preparing your home for sale.

Resources – Designing Moves LLC has a preferred and vetted vendor list to help you with everything including shipping items to family, home cleaning, choosing contractors for repairs and remodels, setting up consignment sales and working with auction houses, to name a few.

Professional Estate Dispersal Services – Once your items are sorted, we make sure they are shipped to the right location, donated to local charities, or sold through the proper channels.  All of this is handled for you.


Who we can help:

Christine can help with design projects and downsizing of any size. Whether you have relatively few belongings or a house full of family treasures, we have the experience and resources to handle the project for you.



Charges are based on hourly rates plus expenses.  A deposit is required when the contract is signed.  There is no charge for the initial consultation.  


Just need a Phone or Email Consultation?

Sometimes our clients just want a little guidance so we also provide personal consultations via phone or email.

To arrange for a consultation on the phone or via email with Christine, please call 319-377-6891 or send an email through our Contact Us page to set up a consultation time that works for you.  Payments can be processed through Square.com. Arrangements for credit card payments must be set up prior to the consultation by calling Designing Moves LLC at 319-377-6891.

If a consultation sounds like the right fit for you, please Contact Us!


Why Choose Designing Moves LLC?

  1. Christine does this every day.  She is a trained professional with systems in place to ensure that all of the complex aspects of a remodel, downsize, or estate dispersal happen with grace, confidentiality, and speed.  Put Christine’s experience to work for you.
  2. Over years of experience, Designing Moves LLC has developed a network of trusted relationships with community organizations and business partners to facilitate every aspect of your project.  No matter what your specific needs, rest assured Christine has a tried and true solution at her fingertips.
  3. Christine understands transitions can be difficult. She will be there for you as your trusted associate, here to help you through your project, be it an aging-in-place or other type of remodel, downsizing current belongings, or estate dispersal.

Christine is here to help!  
Please contact her at 319-377-6891 if she can answer any questions!
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