Are You in Control of Your Stuff?

A gentle reminder that sometimes our “stuff” controls us!  Please take some time and look around your home, check your closets, drawers, end tables, night stands, the junk drawer, etc. Take one area at a time, pick up an item and ask yourself: Do I love this? Does it bring me pleasure? Do I keep it here because I use it?  Or is the item here because I don’t know what to do with it, it’s useful and I might need it someday?  If you answer “yes” to the later two questions please consider donating it to your favorite charity.

If you let stuff control you and put off decisions you will soon find yourself overwhelmed.  The things that are “worth something” but you don’t use will bury the items you want to use and enjoy.  It sets up a perpetual cycle of  “I can’t find……” , “Have you seen my…..”, “I need to go buy another because I can’t find the one I had”, etc.

Set yourself free and make a few decisions each day to tackle the things that you let live around you.

When we keep bringing things into our homes and don’t have a place to put it we end up burying the things that mean the most to us.  The possessions that do bring us joy and good memories get lost in the clutter and often damaged in the bottom of the pile.  As you lighten your load at home your will lighten your spirit as well.

One of the problems with parting with our stuff is the difficulty of disposing of unwanted items.  Most towns limit trash to one bag or can and additional bags must have pre-purchased tags. Keep a few tags on hand and try to get rid of the clutter.

Clutter seeps into our homes a little at a time and it can leave the same way.  Don’t get overwhelmed with the big mess you see but tackle each area a little at a time.

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