The Last Word on Downsizing

The seminar at House of Hope in Cedar Rapids on Downsizing was a fantastic event.  There was a great group there and wonderful exchange of information.

We covered Solomon’s view points in the Book of Ecclesiastes to get the right perspective on our possessions.  Solomon was the richest king on earth and there has been none  like him.  As he reviewed his life, after obtaining all that he set his eyes on, he declared it was all “Vanity of  vanities!  All vanity”  Possessions don’t give us true satisfaction.  And you can’t take your “stuff” with you!

The need for being in control and having our story heard is an important part of downsizing.  We can leave a legacy instead of stuff, when we have a story to tell and some who is willing to listen.

We talked about beginning the process of downsizing by taking pictures of your home as it is, attacking it room by room, identifying the stories of family heirlooms, as well as finding charities you want to support.

The next point of discussion was furniture to consider keeping and how to re-purpose items for smaller homes.  We also touched on aging in place and what to consider if you are remodeling and you really want to live in your home as long as possible.

A move to a retirement home is the 3rd most stressful event for an older adult. The recovery process from relocation stress or transfer trauma can take up to 90 days after the move.

The benefits of downsizing earlier are a quick recovery process, a feeling of resilience, re-creation, and a possible new self.  Not to mention a better understanding of what is most important in your life.

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