Working Together

The Cedar River here in Cedar Rapids reached the second highest crest ever the morning of Tuesday, September 27, 2016. As a community, we went through the highest crest just eight years ago in June 2008.

During the last eight years the community has rebuilt, recovered, and learned so much. Preparation is key. Thus, sandbagging, evacuations, and other preparations took place in advance of the encroaching water. Many, many people worked to protect the community, include thousands of volunteers.

The office and warehouse for Designing Moves LLC are located in the area threatened by the flood waters over the next few days. Thus, we have implemented our Disaster Preparedness Plan, and have removed critical items from both facilities. (The warehouse was slated to be evacuated this month due to plans for flood walls to go through that area. We did expect to have another week or so to complete the work, but Mother Nature does what she wants!)

We have taken steps over the last several years to insure that the business will maintain even if a disaster hits. The Designing Moves LLC team is prepared to continue to serve our clients’ needs. If you have a question or a need for our services please be sure to call us at 319-377-6891.

If you live or work in the area, please be safe!

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