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Estate Dispersal Services

Help with estate dispersals

Coordinating the dispersal of an estate, especially that of a loved one, can be overwhelming and complex.  We are experienced in these matters, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that things are being handled professionally. This article about a past project is a good example of how we can help.


Applies to... 

  • Families

  • Executors

  • Trust Departments


  • Sorting

  • Organizing

  • Dispersal of items to family, consignment, charities, trash pickup

  • Scheduling cleaning

  • Oversee any needed repairs


  1. Meet with person in charge of estate for a consultation

  2. Create estimate based on consultation

  3. Contract is signed and deposit is made

  4. Invoice every 1-2 weeks depending on work schedule

  5. Make sure house is secure

  6. Identify valuables that may need to be stored at bank

  7. Sort through paper work and get important papers to executor

  8. Clean out food (reduce pest infestations)

  9. Gather trash

  10. Donate unneeded items

  11. Handle confidential paperwork appropriately

  12. Contact appropriate resources for consignment

  13. Photograph progress and sharing work session photographs with family to show progress and send photographs of items found that may be of interest

  14. Oversee trash, donation, consignment pick-ups

  15. Report any issues discovered with house

  16. Oversee repairs if needed

  17. Ship items to family as desired

  18. Schedule cleaning and work with realtor to make sure house is ready to sell. 

*​Designing Moves L.L.C. ensures the parties in charge of the estate remain informed with work session updates and photos every step of the way. We approach every step of the process with the utmost respect, transparency, privacy and security.

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