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Moving Services

Let us coordinate your move and create a success story like these!


For clients that are moving...

  • To a smaller home across town

  • To a local retirement community 

  • Out of state or into the state

  • Relocating on campus of local community

  • Two households and blending into one


  • Floor Planning

  • Sorting

  • Unpacking

  • Hanging pictures

  • Guidance/help with dispersing items

  • Coordinating trash removal & cleaning services


  1. FREE initial consultation to determine needs and create custom mix of services

  2. Estimate is made based on consultation

  3. Contract is signed and deposit is made

  4. Work begins (photos are taken before, during and after move, for documentation)

  5. Determine what large items are moving, measure those items, measure new home

  6. Complete floor plans

  7. Proceed with sorting kitchen, closets, contents of furniture

  8. Identify what is moving for a more accurate move estimate

  9. Assist with sending pictures to family to see what they are interested in that is not moving. Ship desired items to family members

  10. MOVE DAY: Oversee movers loading the truck while client goes with family to have breakfast, run errands etc. 

  11. Oversee unloading of furniture, unpack essentials (clothes in wardrobe boxes, make bed, essentials items for kitchen and bathroom) or more if client wishes

  12. Hang items that require nails

  13. Schedule handyman for items that require wall anchors

  14. Remove items that client decides they don’t want after all

  15. Remove boxes and packing materials

  16. Check back with client the next day to see if they are finding what they need

  17. Start dispersal of items at the former home once client indicates they have everything they want, still keeping a watchful eye out for family items or valuables that might have been overlooked and notify client


  1. BE PROACTIVE - Don’t wait too long to get help….waiting to the last minute can be costly. It takes time to line up resources to help.  We are often booking 1-3 months out for work.

  2. FOOD - Edit your food before you move. It’s very helpful to eat up your food before a move especially if you have a deep freeze or a large pantry. 

  3. BATH/MEDS - Clean out your bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets.  Properly dispose of unused medicines.

  4. CLOTHES - Edit your clothing.  You know what you are wearing now and what you haven’t worn in years.  Let go of clothes that don’t fit.  Are you hanging on to it due to guilt(spent too much on and never wore)?  Check all the pockets and take to your favorite charity.  Throw away any clothing that needs repairs, is stained or dirty. 

  5. SIMPLIFY - Give away items to family and friends and don’t take it personally when they decline the gifts.  Let it go and let it find it’s way to a new owner. 

  6.  HAZARDOUS MATERIALS - It’s a huge money and time saver to take care of hazardous waste materials in your home BEFORE you move. That includes old paints, stains, furniture refinishing products, tube florescent light bulbs, spray paint, oils and fluids for automobiles.

  7. ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS – We can help as much or a little as you like.  Statistics show that if we don’t downsize in our 50’s and 60’s we won’t in our 70’s.  Moving/Downsizing is very hard work, emotionally and physically. It’s easier when we have realistic expectations for ourselves. 

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