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Downsizing Services

Let us help you downsize

De-clutter and simplify, and set your home up the way it fits you best.  Here is an example of a great downsizing project that illustrates all the ways we can help.


Applies to...

  • Anyone wanting to get rid of items months before a big move

  • Those who want to be proactive

  • Those who want to continue to live in their home and not leave a lot of stuff for family and friends to disperse

  • Those who are too busy to sort, organize and disperse of unwanted items   


  • Guidance on what to trash, recycle, donate or possibly sell

  • Purchasing organizational items to organize items that stay

  • Coordinate and oversee junk and/or donation pickups

  • Giving clients assignments to work on between visits

  • Maintenance visits to keep up with sorting and organizing

  • Gathering/organizing important paperwork


  1. FREE initial consultation to determine needs and best mix of services

  2. Estimate is made based on consultation

  3. Contract is signed and deposit is made

  4. Work begins

  5. Start sorting in one room (we suggest the room bugging client the most)

  6. Bagging up trash

  7. Bagging/boxing donations

  8. Inventorying donations as we work

  9. Organizing

  10. Properly handling confidential papers that are no longer needed

  11. Determine what items are staying and remove trash and donations at end of work session or putting them in an unused area for a trash/donation pick up at end of the project

  12. Ship items to family as desired


*On ongoing projects clients are billed every 1-2 weeks depending on how often we work them. We are happy to give client assignments to work on between visits. If assignments are not completed, project will require more hours to complete. 


  1. BE PROACTIVE - Don’t wait too long to get help….waiting to the last minute can be costly. It takes time to line up resources to help.  We are often booking 1-3 months out for work.

  2. EDIT PAPERWORK - Personal papers can be very time consuming to sort through.  Make sure confidential papers are shredded properly.  Check books for old deposit slips or odd items we all use as book marks. 

  3. FOOD - Edit your food. Especially if you have a deep freeze or a large pantry, there are typically many things you've been hanging on to that should really be thrown out.

  4. BATH/MEDS - Clean out your bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets.  Properly dispose of unused medicines.

  5. CLOTHES - Edit your clothing.  You know what you are wearing now and what you haven’t worn in years.  Let go of clothes that don’t fit.  Are you hanging on to it due to guilt(spent too much on and never wore)?  Check all the pockets and take to your favorite charity.  Throw away any clothing that needs repairs, is stained or dirty. 

  6. SIMPLIFY - Give away items to family and friends and don’t take it personally when they decline the gifts.  Let it go and let it find it’s way to a new owner. 

  7.  HAZARDOUS MATERIALS - Take care of hazardous waste materials in your home. That includes old paints, stains, furniture refinishing products, tube florescent light bulbs, spray paint, oils and fluids for automobiles.

  8. ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS – Staying downsized is a constant job; mail arrives daily, packages arrive... It's hard to stay on top of everything that's coming into the house. We can help as much or a little as you like.  Statistics show that if we don’t downsize in our 50’s and 60’s we won’t in our 70’s.  Downsizing is very hard work, emotionally and physically. It’s easier when we have realistic expectations for ourselves. 

Ready to get started?

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