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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you move furniture?
    We do not move furniture. We are not movers and are not insured to be movers. We do however work with vetted movers and oversee movers packing and moving your items. Our vetted movers are reasonably priced and insured. Designing Moves LLC and our preferred movers make very efficient team for your moving project.
  • How do you charge?
    We charge by the hour. We have a project management rate that covers projects like downsizing, moving and estate clean-outs. We have another rate for interior design related aspects (floor planing, paint selections, flooring selections, hanging pictures, etc) of the project which is the same rate for dedicated interior design projects. There is also an administrative fee to cover the behind the scenes work (uploading photos, short emails, texts and phone calls on your behalf).
  • How do I know I can trust your team members?
    Our team members are vetted by their references and through Iowa Criminal Background check. We have training on confidentiality and have processes and procedures in place to ensure private information that is being disposed of will be shredded by a vetted resource. Our training covers proper handling of medicines, donations, and working with our vetted consignment resources.
  • I may be moving in the future but I don’t have a set date. When is a good time to call Designing Moves regarding my move?
    The sooner the better! There is not a lot of research on downsizing and its effects on people, but the research that has been done, indicates the more time you have to make decisions while you are in control is best. One article we read, thought a 2-year span of downsizing maybe the ideal. If you are on a wait list or thinking you might move in a few years, start now. If you have a move coming in the next few months, please call us as soon as possible. We can help you determine what you can do before the move date arrives to make it a successful move for you. Short notice moves can be accomodated depending on our schedules. Sometimes we can fit them in and there are times when we are booking 2 to 4 weeks out. Please contact us for availablility.
  • Does Designing Moves help me after the move?
    Yes! We want you to feel at home in your new surroundings. We can help you get settled right away and we can add you to a schedule to help keep your home organized and edited. We have some clients that enjoy help when the seasons change, keep closets organized and keep items that are no longer useful going to donation or resale shops. Experience has taught us that people usually move too much. We can help you optimize your space so it suits you for years to come.
  • Can you keep family that lives out of town informed as you move their parents?
    We are happy to do this! Part of our processes and procedures is documenting what we are doing with notes and photos. We’ve found family can feel involved with reports of progress and links to photos during the process.

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