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Help! I Need to Clean out Mom’s House...

…..and I live out of state! This scenario is becoming more common with a growing trend of older adults who have lived in their homes for decades and their children and grandchildren now live out of state.

The good news is we can help! Designing Move LLC has been in business for over ten years, is accredited by the National Association of Senior Move Managers, and has trained, permanent employees. Our team can sort through a home looking for items you may want to have shipped to you and engage our insured resources to sell items that need to be sold, plus we can donate, recycle and appropriately handle items that need to be disposed of.

Have siblings or other loved ones who may want items but don’t live nearby – no problem! We can use a secure online photo album link to let family determine which items they want. The Designing Moves LLC team can sort through treasures quickly without emotional attachment and with a watchful eye for items that may be important to you and your family.

After the contents of the home are sorted through and the house is emptied, we can arrange to have the house cleaned by one of our insured, local, reputable cleaning companies. This includes carpet cleaning and other light or deep cleaning, as needed. We have worked hard to gather and evaluate a network of resources, and many of them will work for us at a discount. Because we know who to call, including which companies will actually show up, and we know how to appropriately liquidate the contents of a home, you don’t have to spin your wheels searching online to coordinate a project of this scope from near or far.

Copyright 2020 by Christine E. Smart


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