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Downsizing Success Story

This move is one of our favorites. We think it turned out fabulous. The clients dearly loved their porch furniture and didn't think they would be able to keep it. It fit perfectly into their new porch. This move was so successful because the clients were very realistic about downsizing and letting go of things that no longer fit their lifestyle. Because they let go of so much, we were able to maximize space and turn the closet in the den into a darling office space. They also updated the kitchen by painting the oak cabinets to blend with their counter tops and making the space feel larger. They also followed suggestions on purchasing a smaller sofa that was the right scale for the den. Visiting them a year after their move they are still very pleased with their new home!

Before Gallery:

After Gallery:

Client Feedback:

How satisfied were you: Very satisfied

What did you like most? Excellent planning/design. Kept me informed. Offered estate dispersal. Loved Christine's advice.

Areas we can improve? No suggestions, all was well.

Additional comments: Excellent movers. They were careful and competent. The move went very well.


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