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A Visit Home

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If you were home for the holidays to visit Mom and Dad, you may have noticed some changes. They may seem fine on the phone, but a visit home often tells us things aren't as good as we thought they were.

What can you do if you see some changes in your parents?

Maybe it is time for a move to a retirement center. If they have made this decision on their own, commend them! This is a big decision and the results are great when they make this choice themselves. If you feel that their health is in danger but they are choosing to stay at home, consult with them and their doctor if possible.

Keep in mind that as they age, decisions about their well-being and where they choose to live may still be in their control. Put yourself in their place. What would you want your family to say to you? Support them in the choices they make when you can. If they choose to remain in their home, help them get good home healthcare so they are getting the help they need. Consider contacting a Senior Move Manger to help de-clutter their home. This would ensure space for items they may need to make them most comfortable.

How can you help if they are choosing to move?

Find a Senior Move Manager (SMM) in their area by visiting A senior move manager associated with NASMM will provide your parents with the ethical care and assistance they need. They will have all of the best resources you need and often have

already negotiated the best prices. They work with movers who understand the best process for handling the move, reliable repair people, shipping companies to ship items to family, donation sources, buyers, and more!

What can you do next to help make a difference?

Offer to pick up things you have stored in their home, if you still want them. I'm amazed at how much our clients still store for their children! If they ask you what items you might want that they aren't moving, please arrange to get them promptly. This helps tremendously! If you don't want items, let your parents know right away. Then they can feel free to let the items be sold or donated.

Don't take things that you will end up storing or selling for a “better price.” We see this happen often. We senior move managers spend years finding the best sources for our clients' precious metals, jewelry, etc. Unless you truly know what you are doing, leave this to the experts we bring to the process. We all want your parents to benefit the most from the sale of their items to offset their moving costs.

Finally, if Mom and Dad have decided to part with things, don't insist they move them just to keep them safe for you! Support their decisions to de-clutter and simplify. And when it comes to the things that Mom and Dad choose to give to you, stay thankful and work

together with your siblings. No item is worth fighting over. Your family relationships matter one can take the stuff with them when they are gone!

After you have done the above, a senior move manager can efficiently help your parents navigate the transition of the move. It's always nice for family to be there on move day to offer support while the move and unpacking are underway. This a great time to have lunch, go see a movie, do some shopping or visiting, and then arrive at their new home when boxes are unpacked and things are in place!

Copyright 2014 by Christine E. Smart


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