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Our Clientele

The Designing Moves LLC team is truly a project management resource for a move. While we specialize in helping older adults, here’s a short list of some of the folks we can help:

  • Young professionals

  • New retirees heading to their dream destinations

  • Those downsizing from house to condo or condo to independent living

  • Folks moving into assisted living or nursing care with a full liquidation of their former home

  • People undergoing a divorce who need a neutral third party

  • People who are blending households

All these moves need the same care and concern, and in some situations the client simply needs direction but can perform many of the tasks needed to be ready for move day. In other cases their job or travel may keep our clients too busy to prepare for a move so they contribute by communicating with us through phone calls and emails.

If you have ever moved you know the feeling of seeing a mountain of boxes, feeling exhausted and just wanting to get your life back on track. Movers can pack for you and some will unpack but they will not put things away. Having your kitchen unpacked and put away, wardrobes and other boxes of clothes unpacked, and beds made at the end of move day can be a welcome relief. We can do this for you.

Having a caring, neutral resource such as Designing Moves LLC to help you navigate the details of your move or downsizing project means you can concentrate on what is most important to you and you can leave the rest to us. Our trusted network of resources (movers, charitable community organizations, consignment specialists, and buyers) provides ethical, pre-negotiated discounts and other benefits to you whether you are moving in-town, out-of-state, downsizing, or navigating your parents’ liquidation.

Copyright 2015 by Christine E. Smart


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