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Why should anyone care about our Accreditation?

(Or… What’s in it for me?)

Many of our clients don’t know about our NASMM A+ Accreditation. We are pretty modest folks, but we really should brag about being accredited, and especially about what it means to our clients.

To become accredited Designing Moves LLC had to meet or exceed the high standards set by the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). Out of the over 900 NASMM members nationwide, there are only just over 20 that are accredited, and Designing Moves LLC is the only accredited member in Iowa.

So… why should this make you want to choose Designing Moves LLC for your move / downsizing journey?

  • You know up front what we can do for you. We let you know at the initial consultation what we can help you with and how. You decide what you would like done.

  • We say what we do and do what we say. Our processes are documented, and all of our employees are trained to them. Designing Moves LLC’s employees know what our processes - are and what is expected of them, before they are sent to work at a client’s home.

  • Permanent employees. Speaking of employees, ours are permanent and are never hired on a temporary basis per job.

  • Background checks. Every employee goes through a background check before they are hired. We will never send an employee to your home without first making sure they are trustworthy.

  • Ethics. NASMM has a Code of Ethics and every employee knows it and follows it.

  • Confidentiality. You never have to worry that your situation is being discussed outside of the Designing Moves LLC team.

  • Vetted resources. All external resources are thoroughly evaluated before setting foot in your home or handling your treasures.

NASMM has high standards which we must meet - every day!

Bottom line: You KNOW what you are getting and what is going to happen, and it is always based on what you, the client, wants!!

Copyright 2015 Christine Smart


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