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Our Services

We understand that moving, downsizing and clearing away the clutter, can be an emotionally difficult time for clients and we take great care to make sure our clients are treated in a personal and compassionate way. Whether we are overseeing your loved ones’ move, estate dispersal, consulting with you on how to make your home a place you want to come home to, or helping you navigate the process of aging in place, we will help insure the transition goes smoothly.

Designing Moves LLC will help you….

Develop a plan depending on your project – By deciding which area of the home to tackle first, defining your style and deciding what to do with things that no longer fit your lifestyle we can work together to make your home a place you want to come home to that functions for you.

Design a floor plan for your new home and update your current home – Christine will develop a floor plan with you for your new home - be it an apartment, condo, or house - so you know exactly how your furniture and belongings will fit into your new space.

Coordinate your move – Handle all your move details including scheduling the movers, overseeing the packing of your belongings and move day, unpacking assistance and resettling in your new home. We can help as much or as little as you like.

Choose Resources – Designing Moves LLC has a preferred and vetted vendor list to help you with everything including shipping items to family, home cleaning, choosing contractors for repairs and remodels, setting up consignment sales and working with auction houses, to name a few.

Disperse unwanted items - Once your items are sorted, we make sure they are shipped to the right location, donated to local charities, or sold through the proper channels. All of this is handled for you.

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