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Top 15 Tips on Downsizing

  1. Do not procrastinate - doing at least 15 minutes a day will get a lot done. You know what you have and in specialty hobbies or collections you probably know who would buy it or use it.

  2. Supply and demand - determine the prices you can get for your treasures. The market is getting flooded with the same things you want to downsize.

  3. Set a deadline for your family to get their things out of the house. The things you've been storing for them and the things you aren't using that you want to give to them.

  4. Consider a tax write-off for donating items might be worth more to you than the actual cash in hand.

  5. Be watchful for things that do bring money or things to get checked out. The unusual, old postcards, old toys in good shape, sometimes the boxes are worth more than the toys, etc.

  6. If it says "collectible" it isn't! This includes Franklin Mint, decorator plates, Madame Alexander Dolls, etc.

  7. Household items are selling well - people will buy those things before spending money on decorative things.

  8. Have the silver checked! Sterling still sells, silver plate doesn't. But be sure, nursing pins and similar are usually gold (consider returning to organization you got them from).

  9. Furniture - pull the drawers out - things get lost behind and under the drawers, check under cushions and in crevices, upholstered furniture is like selling a used car - you won't get what you paid for it.

  10. TAKE CARE OF YOU! DO NOT over work yourself or think you can do it all by yourself. Make sure you rest, drink plenty of water, eat regular meals, sort things at a table rather than bending over, get help moving things, take breaks and keep seeing your friends.

  11. 11 Shred personal information – a document shredding company or event at a local bank will save you hours of sitting in front of a noisy shredder!

  12. 12 Clean out your medicines and food - dispose of drugs properly either at the Police Department, your pharmacy, or the Hy-Vee stores. Clean out your pantry – there is always a huge need in the community and you don't need to move a huge stash of food.

  13. Be realistic about what you are moving. If you are downsizing you won't be serving meals for 12! Take 4-6 place settings; you won't use your big serving pieces or specialty kitchen gadgets. Consider the weight of the dishes and glasses you are taking - if they are getting too heavy to pick up you won't use them. Be ruthless on your clothing. What do you really wear? What do you feel good wearing?

  14. Make sure your personal papers and affairs are in order. Do you know where your will is? Is it current? Will your family know where to find all your insurance policies? Do you have current address book? Who do you want contacted first if something happens to you?

  15. Don't procrastinate! Consider hiring a senior move manager to help you stay on track.

Copyright 2013 Christine Smart


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