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Whatchamacallits, Doohickeys, and Thingamajigs

Garages are often the place where unusual things live. Some of these things can be worth something and some may be just one step from the landfill.

Dr. David Ekerdt likens the garage to Indian Burial Grounds, reflecting on our habit of sitting the old toaster in the garage when we buy a new one. We can’t quite throw away the “perfectly good” toaster that just needs a little repair to work right or the cord may still be good enough to salvage for another item. Some Indian tribes followed the ceremony of leaving loved ones on the rocks or in a tree for a year for the soul to leave before they buried their loved ones.

We tend to follow the same ceremony with things we want to part with but are still connected to in some way.

There can be very unique items like a car part from an antique car, the manual tiller that used to work just great in the old days(before it froze up with rust).The thingamajig in the corner that comes with a good story.

One benefit of cleaning out your own garage a little at a time is that YOU know what you have in there. You know what the doohickey is and what it goes to. The question is, do you still have what it goes to?

Then there is all the car wax, brake fluids, auto oil, etc. Properly disposing of these items is one task that is best done by you or your family. It’s always less expensive for you to take those to the landfill than pay fees for a business to dispose of them for you.

Once you start moving things around you will find things you thought you got rid of, things you forgot you had, and maybe even critters/pests you don’t want to find.

Summer is approaching and it can be a good time to start sorting through your whatchamacallits stashed in the garage. Start on one wall, and look for things you can throwaway or recycle next time you take the trash out. Then start looking for tools and things you know you aren’t going to use anymore. Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Matthew 25 love our clients’ tool donations!

Remember you don’t have to do the garage in one whole day or weekend. Just keep working at it a little at a time. It all comes into your garage a little at a time and if you do a little planning, you can take it out a little at a time.

Of course, if you just want to get it done fast call Designing Moves! We can assess what is there, call our resources, and get the job done.

Copyright 2021 by Christine E. Smart


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