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What We Can Do For You

One of the hardest questions to answer is “what do you do”? Senior move management is a relatively new service on the market and it really is hard to explain in a few words. After moving people for a few years my short answer to that question is “there is hardly anything we can’t do”! I recently was visiting with a new potential client and after visiting about how we would approach their project and accomplish what needed to be done he said, “I feel so much better now! I thought I would have to call a bunch of different people to have everything taken care of.” I could see the relief in his face and have been pondering the best way to get our list of services to come to life in a meaningful way.

To recap some of the situations we have supported our clients through and give a better picture of what we do, here are a few examples.

We’ve cried with our clients on move day and in anticipation of move day. It’s hard to move and make all the decisions you are faced with as you move. But, we are here for you to help give you the emotional and physical support that you and your family need to get through.

We’ve found “buried treasure” after clients have said we have everything we want out of the house. Our team continues to check every crevice, cupboard, behind drawers, under beds, etc. I am always amazed at how much stuff turns up even on the third time checking the closets and cupboards. When we find that personal memento we make sure to ask you about it and not assume to take you at your word of having everything we want.

Second home in another state that needs to be cleaned out and sold – we’ve done that!

Working with Power of Attorneys, Trust Officers, and Conservators; we can do that. We respect our client’s possessions whether they can be in the home with us sorting or not. We have even sorted through possessions by taking pictures and reviewing them with the client.

I am a very detailed person and Designing Moves LLC is built on details! We bring the best people to the job, the supplies we know work, the resources we trust with our own projects. We bring our passion to the job to help you in the most efficient and professional way that we can. Our resources know the level of detail we require to be on the job with us.

Yes, we hang pictures! Yes, we can get your home and carpets cleaned! Yes, we can e-mail pictures to family to see if they want anything! Yes, we know what to set aside for sale, donations, and trash! Yes, we know what to set aside to consign with vetted companies in a constantly changing resale market!

The unique talents of our team members make us stand out. The Designing Moves LLC team consists of people that have been through moves and remodels, managed people, and shared the joys and challenges of helping our own parents as they are getting older.

Copyright 2013 Christine E. Smart


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