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Downsizing the Bedroom

Downsizing the bedroom gets very personal. It can either be the easiest or the hardest of rooms to sort and down size. We keep our most personal things here, things we save for “good”, clothes we hope to wear again, shoes that hurt the feet but remind us of a wonderful occasion, the gold earring that lost its mate, the gift of perfume that didn’t quite suit us, the anniversary tie tack…..I know you are all picturing special things in your mind as you read this.

It’s really important to tackle this room one wall, one dresser, one drawer at a time! It will get overwhelming. It truly is time to let the shoes that hurt your feet go and the sizes of clothes that don’t fit or aren’t comfortable. There are many community organizations that need clothing and shoes. Even dress clothes and shoes for those looking for new jobs. In fact, we only wear about 20% of our clothes, so why pay to move clothes you don’t wear?

It is time to start using some of those gifts you were saving for later. No time like the present to enjoy those gifts or “regift” them on to be enjoyed by someone else.

Keep in mind earrings that are gold or silver can be sold if they are missing their mate or no longer your style; most membership pins are gold and can be scrapped if you do not want them. Some clubs prefer that you return your pins. Usually the club secretary can help you with this. Work related anniversary tie tacks and pins often have jewels in them – consider this when you get a scrap gold quote. Most places will not give you credit for the gems. A few reputable businesses will.

Will your current bed fit in your new bedroom? Is it old and time for a new bed? If you are moving to a community it’s recommended to just bring 2 sets of bed sheets to accommodate weekly washing, so extra sets of sheets can be donated to help Veterans or families in the community.

We joke that under bed storage is the “new basement”. Consider carefully what if anything you would store under the bed.

Copyright 2014 Christine E. Smart


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