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Downsizing Warriors

I am fairly certain downsizing is one of the most talked about subjects between baby boomer friends. I know clients are sharing stories of talking to their friends who are all in the same boat - DOWNSIZING! Suddenly we are faced with the unpredictable scenarios of caring for parents, spouses or even adult children. Sometimes we are the caregiver of everyone but ourselves. And sometimes, it’s our own bodies that aren’t what they used to be that force us to face downsizing and moving. What to do with the stuff that is piling up around us and screaming for attention, willing to wall us in if we don’t stay brave and fight for space. Stay brave Downsizing Warrior - ask the questions.......Are you saving things your children don’t want? Accept the answers.....delaying the facts is delaying decision. Fight through the piles of mediocre and find those things you love and appreciate. Reduce the stack of “someday I’ll get back to that”. Let go of the unfinished projects. Tame the paper stacks. Give items to those who appreciate them more than you. Lighten your load. You’ll feel better and so will your family. Remember it all came in to your house an item or bag at a time and it can leave that way too if you stay Brave Warrior!

Copyright 2019 by Christine E. Smart


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