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Importance of a Picture

I love the thrill of hanging a client’s artwork in their new home. Seeing a smile on their face and hearing “It looks like home now” is very rewarding for me. Reminders of travels, pictures of younger selves, ancestors the young ones barely know, the needle point mom made, the art collected on purpose and by chance, seeing how fast the kids grew and reminiscing as we work together to hang the most meaningful and favorite pieces. Some pieces are hung where they always lived and some pieces find new places to be appreciated in. And the most important.....what artwork will get the privilege of hanging in the hall by the door. The piece that says “This is Me” and I live here. I really love the thrill of hanging a client’s artwork. It is more than just hammering in nails and putting up a picture. It’s a journey taken together.

Copyright 2019 by Christine E. Smart


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