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Ten Steps to an Easier Move

  1. Don’t procrastinate! Do a little every day and ask for help along the way.

  2. Take time to eat, drink water, and get your rest. We’ve seen the most determined clients get overtired and overworked which can lead to accidents.

  3. Everything you move will need a home at your new place. Avoid taking too many knick knacks, collections, and decorations. There are additional costs for extra items to be moved, hauled away, or stored. Dealing with your "extras" now will avoid the need for someone else to do it later on. Keep in mind that others may not make the same choices as you would with your possessions.

  4. Tackle one room at a time. Avoid sorting the entire house at once. This can lead to trip hazards and emergency room visits.

  5. Decide to move a sturdy arm chair. As we age it’s harder to get up from soft chairs and sofas. A nice looking arm chair can be hard to find. If you have one, keep it - you will want it later!

  6. Communicate with family and friends. Make sure they have what they want BEFORE auction or tag sale personnel arrive to consider you for a client.

  7. Having a floor plan made with all of the furniture you would like to move will guarantee it is all going to fit. This is a huge part of a successful move.

  8. Remember, you are in control! You have a say in what happens to your treasures: if you want to keep them, give them away, sell them, let family have them - or not. You may not have the physical stamina to do the sorting, hauling, and packing, but you do have a voice in what happens to your belongings.

  9. Be careful about what you throw away. Many times people toss items that might sell at auction or online, but keep the things that used to be valuable but are no longer in demand. Do throw away things that are broken, chipped, or worn out. If in doubt have it checked out!

  10. Contact Designing Moves LLC! We can walk alongside you during this overwhelming time and tackle all the little - and big - hurdles of moving, downsizing and liquidating.

Copyright 2014 Christine Smart


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