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As I have helped people with their moves, downsizing and estate clean outs I often ponder the role “stuff” has in our lives. We buy things responsibly and bring the stuff into our homes. But we are sometimes reluctant to be responsible get rid of the “stuff” we buy when we are done with it. We purchase items online, have it delivered or carry it in in shopping bags. Our stuff can be well organized in labeled totes and boxes, stacked in a store room or closet. But as the years go on we don’t even bother with getting those things out. It’s too much trouble! The totes are heavy, awkward, and after all we maximize space and they fit in the space like a well-placed game of Jenga. We think we will leave it for our children or someone else to deal with; a quick easy solution in our minds to pass the buck. Which really is passing a mountain of burden to someone else. What if you plan to get to it and an accident or illness side tracks your plans? What about the things you forgot you had that maybe you were prefer no one else saw? This burden of stuff is often sent the least expensive way, taken away by a junk hauler but what history, important papers, forgotten mementos?

It could be more effective to start moving the stuff out like it came in - a bag or a box at a time. Follow the old rule of if something comes into the house something has to leave. Donate something every day, giving to those in need or even selling it if you can, or making the most of the recycle bin and trash bin every week....... It’s time to be responsible for getting rid of stuff we have we don’t use anymore. My happiest clients are the ones that responsibly let go of their excess stuff.

Copyright 2019 by Christine E. Smart


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