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Memory Care Move

It is the lightest and hardest move of all, especially for clients we have moved before. Creating yet a smaller nest with favorite artwork, lamp, chair and comforts that make a space their home. Sifting through possessions to find the meaningful items that will jog memories or recollections the best. How does one fill the shadow box by the door? We measure and envision what our client will want to see as their sign post that they are home.

Heavy tugs at the heart, as you know who they were a few years ago and know who they are still in their soul. They have shared their accomplishments, talked about their awards, shared amazing life adventures and even journeys of businesses started and sold.

They’ve left their finger prints on many and yet don’t quite know family and friends anymore. If there is ever time to be there and be a “new” old friend, it’s now.

Copyright 2019 by Christine E. Smart


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