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Resourceful Gift Giving

It's the holiday season and Christmas gift giving is just around the corner! I'd like to offer some solutions for you to downsize while enjoying your family and friends during the holidays.

If you’re considering downsizing or perhaps preparing to move to a small home, this is the perfect time of year to give from what you already have. Are there items you know family or friends would enjoy? Give them now so you can see the joy in their face from receiving something of yours that they have admired for a while. Or, while family and friends are visiting, ask them which item they would like to have. If you don’t give these items away right now, making a list or placing their name on the item will be very helpful. Your guidance now can help to diffuse family battles in the future and allow your gifts to bring joy rather than confusion. Also, give with no strings attached! I’ve seen some clients adopt this attitude. They have given things away without expectations from the recipient of the gift. Thinking others must love and care for something as much as you did can become a burden physically, emotionally, and sometimes financially. Let go and let family and friends be free to say “no thanks.” Be a blessing not a burden!

You can also give things away to your favorite charity. This time of year can be difficult for the community groups that help others. Food pantries are in desperate need of supplies. Winter clothes would be much appreciated at a variety of places; some charities may have a list of people in need of specific things. You can bless many people without spending money and clean out your house at the same time.

If there are gifts you must buy or are buying for friends who also need to downsize, consider “no clutter" gifts. Tickets to the movie or symphony, a gift card for the grocery store, or a gift to a charity in their name. In our experience of clearing out homes, we have seen so many new-in-the-box know, the nice item you placed in that drawer to save. Or the item you just didn’t like for yourself and planned to give someday. These are great things to give to others now. Don’t pay to move them or store them any longer. If you are one who likes to buy gifts and save them for later, now is the time to downsize!

Copyright 2013 Christine Smart


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