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What’s in the Basement?

As you prepare for your move, take time to look at the basement, lower level, cellar - whatever you happen to call it.

Carefully consider your safety while working in the basement. Steps may not be the easiest to navigate, so please use caution if you plan to carry items up the stairs and out of the basement. It is never safe to use your steps for storing items. If you are carrying things that may hinder your view, something staged on the steps could be a hazard. A fall resulting in a broken bone could delay your move progress. Your safety is primary, so remember that Designing Moves LLC has a trained team to help you with this process.

At this time it is smart to take a quick assessment of the basement walls for leaks that you may not have noticed before. Check basement windows that might need attention. Be sure to keep screens for current windows. If your lower level is finished, check the ceiling for any leaks from upstairs bathrooms. Addressing these repairs as soon as possible will help take the pressure off when the time comes to put your house on the market.

Be on the lookout for mold in the basement. If items are moldy and damp it is usually best to discard them. If the item is valuable, Designing Moves LLC can assist in finding out if and how the item can be restored.

Oftentimes things that you rarely use are stored in the basement. These are good candidates for selling or donating. Basements are also one of the places your grown kids or relatives may have stored things with your blessing. It’s time to let them know when you are moving and remind them to pick them up. You may want to give them a deadline and a date when you plan to donate all unwanted items. This keeps it simple for you in case they just don't want what you are storing for them!

If you find old paint supplies in the basement they can be taken to the Linn County landfill. Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Cedar Rapids is a great avenue for tools and other items that you won't need in the future.

Copyright 2013 Christine Smart


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