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The Art of Downsizing

Designing Moves had the pleasure of working with a couple that were truly

embracing downsizing. The beginning of our process includes floor planning. Our

first drafts of the plan made it clear that using their current furniture was not

going to accomplish the desire for an open spacious space to live in.

Their first step was taking out a wall that divided the kitchen and living room. This

really opened the space. Adding a counter height peninsula outweighed the

thoughts of bringing the much-loved dining table. Willingness to let go and allow

new things into our space is very difficult but, in the end, it is well worth it.

Our clients went shopping and found a new love seat, new accent chairs and new

recliners. They sent us pictures and dimensions so we could confirm the new

furniture would be the perfect fit.

In the new home our clients wanted to use the sunroom in a whole new way! We

love to think outside the box! They wanted to look out on the great new view

they have instead of turning it into a place for the patio furniture. This called for

proper window treatments – blackout shades with top down bottom up features

to keep the hot sun at bay. It is their favorite place to sit.

Art is very important to our clients. They picked out their favorite pieces to move

and we planned where the large pieces would be hung. Those were hung on

move day to keep them safe. Preplanning where to mount TV’s is another step

that leads to a successful move day.

Our client’s former home had well organized closets. We were able to recreate

sections of their closet that they loved and allow for more storage with shelving

and double hanging rods.

Copyright 2023 Christine E. Smart


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