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The Calm Before the Move

I thought it would be helpful to recap with you what we have dealt with to this point in preparing for your move.

Your floor plans should be completed, confirming that the large pieces of furniture you are moving to your new home will fit. Remember to consider the location of light switches and outlets. Baseboards will cause furniture to sit about one inch away from the wall. Sometimes our beloved pieces are a tight fit and that extra inch makes a difference! You’ve sorted through most of your rooms: the living room, bedroom, kitchen, entryway, basement, and even the attic.

Now is a good time to tackle the guest room and, if you have one, craft room or office. Will you be having a guest room in your new space? If not, this room can be easy to deal with! If you are having a guest room, choose wisely what will fit and take just the minimum. This will allow for a comfortable short stay for your guests. The guest room (often one of the children’s rooms) may still have remnants of high school accomplishments and the off-season clothes you don’t have room for in your own closet. Give your family a deadline to choose what they would like, and then do with the rest as you wish. Ruthlessly go through your clothes and keep only the things that you love and feel good wearing.

If you have a lot of craft items or office supplies, sorting these can be very intimidating. Start in one small area and work in small chunks of time until you make it through the entire room.

Oftentimes budgets for art classes are cut at schools and they love receiving cast-off art and craft supplies.

Office sorting often comes down to tackling the shredding. Check with your banker or accountant on what to save and what to discard. It is wise to tame the "paper monster" now so you don’t have to pay to move it. We’ve had many clients who just couldn’t get through all the papers. We boxed them up at the last minute and hauled them to their new home to be sorted through after the move. If you need to make an appointment with a friend, a family member, or yourself to help you to get this done – DO IT! You won’t regret it! Designing Moves LLC can assist you with keeping your papers in order.

You’re almost there! Don’t give up, review often, and keep asking yourself the tough questions: "Why do I want to keep this? Where am I going to put it? Will it fit?" Sometimes as the move date approaches it gets easier and easier to make those decisions!

Copyright 2013 Christine Smart


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