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Blending Two Households

This project was for a friend and her husband that were combining households after getting married and letting go of their former homes. It represented getting a home they chose together and using some items from each home and purchasing new furniture to go with their new house.

Floor planning was used to come up with the best placement of furniture for move day and a fresh arrangement for the living room. Having a floor plan on move day is helpful whether you are moving yourself or using a moving company. It takes all the guess work out of "will this fit there?", "where should this go", and moving furniture unnecessarily on a busy day.

Services included:

  • Measuring new home and furniture

  • Floor plan creation and decisions on how to use existing furniture

  • Helping client pick out new furniture and tips on downsizing and dispersal of items from former homes that were no longer needed

This client had a custom photo made for the mantel and we enjoyed finding the perfect piece of driftwood to bring the photo to life. These grandparents love their child friendly living space!

Client Feedback:

What makes Chris' work stand out from other designers is this; She does not work for her clients to please her own tastes. She has the ability to understand who people are and and design spaces they can thrive in! Our family and guests feel so comfortable in our home!


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