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Moving with Your Lifestyle in Mind

This couple was a lot of fun to work with. They love to work on puzzles together and wanted a space for that in their new home. They also wanted to keep some lovely antiques and furniture that he made. This move was successful because the clients were realistic about what to let go of and what to keep for their new life style. The furniture is the right scale for the space allowing for ample walk ways. These clients were very energetic and did the packing themselves. We helped with floor planning, overseeing move day and getting a head start on unpacking.


Client Feedback:

How satisfied were you? Very satisfied

What did you like most? Designing Moves is a very professional company. Very strong problem solving skills. Very intuitive to client needs and wishes. Very useful in having an established network for other services such as cleaning, junk removal, etc.

Areas we can improve? This is a hard one because for my husband and I, we were very satisfied and really did not experience any areas that were lacking.

Additional comments: I so appreciated the personal touch and amount of attention to detail and follow up. It made it so much easier to let the pros handle the move.


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