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Condo to Independent Living Move

- When you are on a wait list -

This couple planned well in advance for their move. They had us measure furniture and we worked with a couple of possible floor plans while they were on the waiting list.

While they were waiting for an apartment to open up they donated items, sold and dispersed items. When the apartment became available we were ready to make some minor changes to floor plans and proceed.

Moving day was very easy because they had spent their time making decisions ahead of time.

One of the things we liked most about their apartment was reusing the beautiful china hutch. They were able to let go of the china that was rarely used and now use the hutch to hold their favorite items.

This client did decide to buy some new furniture as well, since we had some floor plans in mind that helped with getting the right sizes.

We love that we were able to create a sunny nook for them to enjoy reading and knitting.

Customer feedback:

How satisfied were you? Extremely satisfied.

What did you like most? Christine's organization, her knowledge of resources and who is good to help. Movers were great, efficient and quick to get things packed and moved.

Areas where we can improve? Can't think of one thing!

Additional Comments: It was a pleasure to work with Christine and her staff.


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