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Favorite things...

This was a 2 generation move (very smart!) Daughter downsized with mom and dad. She is still working but is all set to enjoy retirement when she's ready. It looks a bit crowded as we have made a 2 bedroom space in a 1 bedroom apartment. Dad made much of the wood pieces - the TV is sitting on a cabinet made to store the "bell collection". It worked much better than the original tv stand. We hung their favorite pictures and quilt above the bed. This family is very crafty - mom made over 40 pine needle baskets and she kept these four for herself. One of the great things about helping our clients is getting to know them and hearing their stories and amazing accomplishments.

Client Feedback:

How satisfied were you? Extremely!!

What did you like most? Contact, communication, caring. Christine and her team are professional, caring, organized and efficient. They take the time to take special care of us.

Areas we can improve? I cannot think of any. This was the best moving experience I've ever experienced!

Additional comments: I hope Designing Moves is around the next time I need to move or downsize.


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